runDisney Wine & Dine Half 1/2 Marathon 2016

November 8, 2015

The runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon 2015 is one race I won’t soon forget. To give you some background, I ran this race the previous year with my oldest son and it was his first half marathon experience. Through the cold rain we splashed and dashed making it to the finish line together. Now since I like a good nightime race I decided to give this one another shot figuring the weather would have to be better the second time around right? Well, not exactly. Mother Nature had other plans it seems. The weekend was gorgeous, hot, sunny and humid, perfect shorts and t-shirt temps. The evening of the race as I arrived at the start area the winds picked up and clouds formed overhead. I thought, OK well it’s breezy but at least it’s not raining. A few minutes later I could feel some rain droplets, then came the lightening. Uh oh. The officials announced we were evacuating the start area due to the weather moving inside to the Wide World of Sports buildings nearby. The hour long wait was dampening my enthusiam for the race but I smiled upon hearing 15,000 runners cheer when they announced we could move out to the pre-race area for a delayed start.

As we got into the corrals we learned the course would be shortened which I actually didn’t mind since it was late and my legs were getting tired already. Although it would have been fun to run through Animal Kingdom in the dark again, I was really looking forward to finishing and going to the after party to eat! Sadly the course was really congested since there wasn’t much open road for spreading out. I took the opportunity to slow down and take some final pictures of the Osborne Lights. This really gave me my much needed second wind to fly through the rest of the course. I finished the 6.72 miles in fine form, feeling great. The 10K is my favorite race distance and I’d love to see a future runDisney 10K night race with an after party. Now that would be epic!


Camping in the Adirondacks


This summer we visited our favorite spot in the Adirondacks, Rollins Pond. We managed to get in two trips this year and both times the weather was sunny and beautiful. The boys enjoyed splashing around in the lake and digging in the sandy beach. We took them out on the kayak a couple times and they really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to get them out on the water more often next summer. If you enjoy quiet camping on the lake, kayaking and hiking check out Rollins Pond.

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Managing the morning rush with kids

If you’re like me, mornings are a race against the clock to get yourself and the kids out the door in time. I’ve found these ideas have helped us to reduce the number of frantic mornings and stay on track.

Prepare the night before

Gather any extra clothing or special items needed the night before and place them near the door so they’re not forgotten. If possible prepare lunches in advance or allocate prep time in the morning.

Keep to a schedule

Set a time goal for when each activity should be completed, eating breakfast, getting dressed etc. and gently remind them when falling behind.

Bonus time

Work an extra 15 minutes into the end of your routine. When delays or the unexpected occur you’ll have this little time cushion, and when things are running smoothly you can enjoy those spare moments to chat or play.

Stay positive

Use praise to reward and encourage good behaviour when keeping on schedule. It’s easy to forget this but kids love to hear they’re doing a good job.  On those bad mornings, when nothing is going right, pause, take a deep breath and count to 10. Just doing this I find my calmness returns and the stress level drops.


Hitting the road

I’ve always enjoyed hitting the road for travel as it’s one of my passions. In the past couple years I’ve taken to hitting the road with running. True be told, I was one of those people that said the only time you’d see me running was if someone was chasing me. That has certainly changed since I’ve grown to love running. It wasn’t easy starting out, but using the Couch to 5K method and slowly increasing my run walk intervals I built up my endurance and muscles to where I could actually run a consistent pace.

The treadmill and I had a great relationship in the beginning while winter training for my first 10K. Then came Spring, with the open road and fresh air calling I hit the pavement and fell in love. Feeling the sun on my face and finding my own pace was pure freedom. I began looking forward to my long runs on the weekend, discovering new routes and seeing familiar faces along the way. Before long, I was training for my first half marathon and completed two that year. Is there a marathon in my future? Perhaps. It’s a daunting distance to be sure, but never say never right?

Are you a runner, or thinking about getting started? I’d love to hear about it, share your story in the comments below.