Tips for flying with preschoolers

  1. Get comfy– Dress everyone in easy comfortable clothing and bring a light sweater for the chilly plane. Wear slip on shoes to breeze through security.
  2. Carry on– Choose a purse or backpack that keeps your passport and boarding pass close and secure while your hands are free to tend to the little ones.
  3. Be prepared– Pack a change of clothes in a carry on for accidents, along with a plastic bag for any wet or soiled clothing.
  4. Bring the stroller– Keep the kids buckled in the stroller to prevent them from wandering during the check-in and security lines, then you can easily gate check it during boarding. Check with your airline for any size restrictions.
  5. Walk this way– Take the opportunity to walk around the terminal to release some energy before settling in for a long flight.
  6. Ready for takeoff– Pack snacks and sippy cups in a carry on and gummie vitamins for chewing during take off and landing.
  7. Seating arrangements– If your kids fall asleep in their car seats and you’ll be needing them at your destination then bring them along. Make sure they’re approved for use on board otherwise you can check them free of charge.
  8. In-flight entertainment– Bring crayons, books, playdoh, crafts and small toys to pass the time in the air. My boys like watching their favourite movies on the iPad.
  9. Pack your patience– Travelling with kids can be stressful, but being prepared and taking a deep breathe when needed can make it easier.
  10. Taking care of business– Use the airport bathroom just before getting on the plane and put a disposible training pant on your potty trained kid for the flight in case the lavatory line is long when they just gotta go.

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